Casa Cancan
Gorgeous Views and lovely breezes
2 one bedroom 1 bathroom apartments
4 levels built into the hillside with car entrances in
the front of level l and the back of level 4
Level 3 living room
Level 3 living room
Stairs to level 4 and  back street
Made from 6 shipping containers
Level 1 Garage, Carport, Workshop and Storage
Level  2 Lower apartment
Level   3 owners apartment
Level 4 Gated carport, huge terrace
Level 3 bedroom
Not a good picture but you have a
beautiful view while washing the dishes
on level 3
Level 3 bathroom
From Level 3 kitchen looking towards
the terrace
Level 3 terrace voew
Level 3 terrace
People and car entrance 4th level
View 4th level
Covered section 4th level
Same table different angle
2nd floor terrace
2nd floor terrace