La Casa Del Sol Naciente
Villa Obregon Melaque
Lagoon view
2  bedroom ground floor
$2,000 US a month
Brand new house is fully equipped.
Every thing is top quality. Relax in the
lap of luxury.  
Second floor palapa living area
The front of the house. Lower level dining
area by waterfall and fish pond, Upper level
Bedroom balcony,
Gourmet's kitchen
Dining room with lots of art
For rent in Villa Obregon, Melaque
For more information email Leone
Bathroom in bedroom 1
Outdoor cooking and dining area by the pool
There are so many plants under the
palapa it feels like a garden
An egret can be seen on the shore
1 week      $690
2 weeks   $1235
3 weeks    $1620
4 weeks or a month
Available until Jam. 28
This page is in the process of being
changed from whole house to 2
2 views of Bedroom 1
Bedroom and bathroom 2
lagoon view
and dining area to the right