Las Primaveras
El Ranchito
2 lots 7 X 20  meters each
$9,600.00 US each
Perula Beach Lot
6,000,000 pesos             
Lagoon lot Vicente
Villa Obregon, Melaque
Beautiful view lot 3 blocks from the ocean
With walls, car gate and door
314.21 square meters
Rural Lot
San Patricio
only half mile to town center, 600 square meters
Punta Vela
Gated community close to downtown Barra de
Navidad with Marina for lot owners only
8000 sq meters of common area, discounts for
golf at Grand Bay Hotel
Las Primaveras El Ranchito
4 Lots 7 X 20  meters but as one big lot
$9,000.00US each.
3 View lots
$25,000.00, $25,000.00 &
Las Primaveras View Lots
4 lots together for a total of 764.95 sq. meters
or you may buy just 2 for
Corner Lot
Villa Obregon, Melaque
Large 729.07 sq. meter lot close to the
lagoon and the beach
$63,000 US
Owner willing to sell half.
Lagoon lot  Hidalgo
340 square meters..
Lot Mango
Past the army base
3000 sq. meters
clear title, can be owed by a foreigner  through existing
Mexican corporation
$79,000US firm
Lagoon Trailer Park or Lot
Villa Obregon, Melaque
$110,000 US
838.975 square meters
Beautifullly landscaped with access to the
Laguna del Tule walkway
Lot Geraldo
Playa del Coco Corner Lot
 1000 sq. meters 20X50     
Lots in Melaque, Villa Obregon, San Patricio Cuestacomate
and Playa del Coco
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